Middle Schoolers Share Journal Entries

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Journal prompts are a common assignment for students at Hope that allow them to be expressive and share how they feel. Below are some recent entries:

Journal Prompt Assignment (5th Grade): Write about someone or something you love

Something I love is nature. I think nature is wonderful because when you go outside, it is beautiful. The thing I like about nature are the flowers and the butterflies. My favorite types of flowers are roses and daisies. I wish I could have a nature room.

Jaleel, 5th grade

“Someone” I love is my family: mom, dad, sisters, brothers, aunties, -cousins, even family I have not met yet, nephews, nieces. I just love my whole family! I love my mom because she made me, and she loves me. I love my dad because he is always there. Love is a strong word; it means you put your trust in someone and see how it goes.

Tylia, 5th grade

I love my grandma because she watched me grow up from a baby into someone who is now about to be bigger than her. When my parents were exhausted from staying up all night to make sure I was breathing, she watched me. My grandma helped raise me; she is like a little helper and she knows the solution to everything that I ask her. For example, if we were to be evicted, my grandma would let us stay with her until we found somewhere else to live because she is so sweet and that is the type of heart she has. One thing I never do is take her love for granted.

Jaleel, 5th grade

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Journal Prompt Assignment (7th Grade): “If I had a magic wand, what would I wish for…”

“If I had a magic wand, firstly, I would want to change how society is today. I would change it into a peaceful, safe environment for all. Also, I would fix our climate problems and make sure that all children and animals are safe and healthy. Next, I would make all the trash in the world disappear so we can have clean air. Okay, so after that, I would want to make sure I have a stable, successful, happy, safe and long life. I would make sure that my family and close friends are safe and can also live a happy life.”

Corrie, 7th grade

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